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Advanced Control Ltd was established with a research vision to develop an intelligent integrated system approach by means of integrated electronics. Furthermore, the use of intensive digital signal processing and innovative high quality monitoring and measurement modules enables significant improvements in the performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness of electronic processing systems.

AC has a strong emphasis on engineering. With our extensive experience spanning over 25years, together with the expertise of our dedicated application engineers, we are able to provide every level of technical assistance required. We welcome involvement at the design-in stage and follow projects through to provision of after sales support. We continually strive to provide our customers with the highest possible level of services.

strategy is to exploit the intrinsic strengths of its core business and develop opportunities in new markets with new applications. Our design complies with future need for decentralized electronics, modularity and re-configurability requirements of tomorrow’s flexible architecture of electronic systems. The company engages in a significant amount of research and development activity which includes a well established collaboration with a number of European Universities and relevant entities, to effectively create new products.

AC is proud to continue this tradition of providing latest designs of modern technology, with in depth understanding of electromechanical, electromagnetic and electronic systems, for robust products utilized in power, railway, automotive, aerospace and military applications globally.

  • Veselin Vračar
Veselin Vracar

He has a degree from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

From 1977 to 1996, he was an Industrial Electronic Specialist and Project/Programme Manager of the Power and Industrial Electronics Research Program in the Institute Mihajlo Pupin, and later he was the Acting Head of the Image Processing Group.

Veselin moved, with his family, to United Kingdom in 1996 and joined the Turbo Genset Inc, London, Imperial College spin-out company.

Career portfolio as Electronics Consultant in Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion and Sensors. His R&DD interests include power conversion, power electronics systems modelling and control, measurement, instrumentation and sensors, non destructive analyses and testing, digital signal processing, EMI/RFI EMC compliance.

Now he is a Director and Owner of Surrey Advanced Control Ltd in UK, and Owner of Advanced Control in Serbia.
  • Srđan Vračar
Srdjan Vracar


He is a graduate from University of Surrey, UK, where he defined his professional orientation toward traffic management systems. Straight after university he got into hands-on research and development of products and systems in the field of urban traffic management.

Early in his career he joined research and development team for modern electronic road tolling system where he worked on integration of state of the art electronic tolling (ETC), pattern and character recognition systems (OCR/ANPR), ticketing and billing and telemetric systems such as automatic vehicle detection and categorisation. As he took the position of product manager he was involved in international product customisation, sales, partner relations and tendering procedures, actively working on Balkan, Russian, African and Asian markets.

As road and rail industry intersect in many technical, logistical and management segments, he saw the opportunity to develop a state of the art product and system, where he organised a Private-Public consortium to develop, certify and produce Train-Wheel Sensor and Axle Counting system compliant with CENELEC SIL 4 safety level.

Fifteen years of road and rail industry experience is shared through helping start-ups and giving consultancy services to multinational companies.
  • Nevena Vračar
Nevena Vracar

She built her business career in the biggest regional corporation for more than a decade.

She graduated as an agricultural engineer with Master degree of Organizational Sciences.

Her main scope of work was business strategies, digitization, business analysis, as well as startups development and innovation processes. Great supporter of entrepreneurship, business initiatives and good ideas.

Today she works on her own projects, and tomorrow she could  help your team.

The wife and mother of three, who strives to make work a real pleasure.