August 2018
Wheel detection
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Power Electronics
AC applies advanced power-control trade-offs for better utilisation of power silicon using more complex control algorithms, smaller and more reliable non-polarised DC capacitor banks, reduced amount of magnetic components and achieves higher efficiency implementing low loss resonant and zero transient switching methods.
AC offers effective development and design of reliable, robust and efficient solutions for power management. Our virtual prototyping encompasses a wide array of tools in order to facilitate the computer aided design (CAD/CAE) of contemporary and future engineering systems. From simple analytical models to full three-dimensional finite element analyses, the virtual experiments enable reliable, robust and rapid design. We advise and implement in practise proven optimal topologies and robust control algorithms. Highly efficient, thermally optimised, scalable and compact power solutions are the flagship of our design. We use multidisciplinary approach to controls, power, actuators and sensors for a high level of integration and optimisation of a final product. Our expertise is in a reliable, energy efficient, cost-effective and high density DSP Controlled and EMC Compliant Compact Cool Power Electronics (CC_PEL) proven in industrial, traction, distributed generation, defence, aerospace and automotive markets. We apply an integrated system-level approach by means of intelligent, power electronics modules. The use of intensive digital signal processing and innovative topologies enables significant improvements in the performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness of our power electronic products.
Skies are the limits for the force of 300kW in a compact space-time cone of 30 kW/l and 300,000 rpm. Experience the synchrony and harmony of the Compact Cool Power.
AC design examples of a high power inverters in the range of 80-500kW
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We are unique in on time and on budget R&DD, in delivering rapid prototyping and manufacturing of custom design power electronics for OEM and niche industrial applications.
AC design examples of a single board inverters in the range of 10-60kW
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We have a strong emphasis on engineering. With our extensive experience spanning 35+ years, our design complies with future need for decentralized electronics and modularity, in addition to reconfigurability requirements of tomorrow’s flexible architecture for energy processing systems.
As specialists in power electronics, our centre supplies solutions for diverse applications such as high speed and high torque electrical machines control, traction, UPS, power generation, induction heating, welding, wind/solar distributed generation, high density power electronics for hybrid (HEV) and (EV) electric vehicles, assistance to internal combustion engines, kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) and energy storage systems (ESS).
We continually strive to provide our customers with the highest possible level of services and are able to provide every level of technical assistance required. Our partners and clients like Williams Advanced Engineering, Semikron, Williams F1, Thales Group, Dyson, Turbo Power Systems (Turbo Genset) are satisfied with our professional services in effective modelling, verification, prototyping, quick launching of pilot series and effective transfer to the high volume manufacturing and production sites.