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Axle Counter
Universal Train-Wheel Detector (UTD  Wheel Detection) can be
applied as axle counter point and as such can be integrated into Short Section Axle Counter (AFI) or into  CENELEC SIL4 Axle Counter (BROS Train Axle Counter).

When used as Short Section Axle Counter (AFI), up to three detection points can be integrated into singleShort Section. Main application where AFI is used is at level crossings and stations.

At level crossings, Short Section Axle Counter (AFI) is used for safe and reliable closing and opening oflevel crossings. Main advantage of AFI compared to traditional switch ON/OFF points at level crossings isprevention of premature opening of level crossings in case of very slow moving trains and/or trainstopping before or at level crossing.

In stations, either passenger or cargo, Short Section Axle Counter (AFI) can be used for reliable indicationof train presence, such as at station platforms or loading bays.

This application of UTD Wheel Detection directly replaces short trackcircuits that proved to be affected by working / atmospheric conditions at above mentioned locations.Level crossings experience accumulation of fallout from the road, such as mud and water that badlyaffects the performance of track circuits, but does not affect the performance of Short Section AxleCounter (AFI).

This configuration uses two wheel sensors UTD-DM and two evaluator boards UTD-SMA for each axle counting point, installed in a standardised rack assembly with appropriate power supply*. Maximumnumber of counting points per single Short Section is three.

*Power supply type is dependent on available power source at each given location.